Welcome to the home of Penny and Frank Parkinson

Caze d'en Roque Jalaire
Union Jack 66300 Caixas Tricolour

Google Earth details: Latitude 42°35'0.38"N Longitude 2°41'42.57"E

e-mail address:-

Tel: (0033)(0)468 38 81 28

Flights Flight details from the UK (7/1/2016)
Car Hire Car hire (10/4/2009)
Directions How to find us (2/6/2013)
House details House details (04/9/2020)
Around Caixas Caixas and the local area (6/1/2016)
Weather Weather and Clothing
Wildlife Wildlife (21/06/2003)
Medical Matters Medical Matters (13/01/2003)
Pictures Caixas views and a wedding (29/12/2019)
Updated Wednesday 2nd November 2020

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